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A white silk shirt is essential in any wardrobe background

This fall’s capsule wardrobe will be made up of 10 garments that we can start to wear as temperatures drop. All of them follow the trends that will lead the season and the best thing is that to wear them with a lot of style, this year it is best to combine them with classics that you already have in your closet. From the masculine style vest to the leather shorts that the ‘insiders’ already wear, to the cardigan that we will see ‘non-stop’ in the ‘street style’, they fit better with the typical basic t-shirt or a white silk shirt . It all depends on the style you want to defend.

Therefore, this season it will also be important to keep the wardrobe background updated. Check that you have all the basics in perfect condition because you are not going to take them off. If you have already done it and you have missed the classic white silk shirt, take note because we have found one in the Uterqüe online store that you will love more than the others. The key? The romantic sleeves it has.

Once again, puffed sleeves are once again the key detail that elevates a basic garment above the rest. This white silk shirt that we have seen in Uterqüe is perfect to find a classic but really romantic combination. In addition, it allows you a lot of freedom of creation making your looks because everything suits you and depending on the accessories you choose you can bet on different styles.

This polka dot shirt with embroidery on the sleeve from Uterqüe is perfect for going back to the office

The return to reality is just around the corner. In fact, for many it came a long time ago and instead of reading us lying on the towel, they do it from the computer because the routine is here again. As you can imagine, we are part of that sector of the population that has already returned to work and has to leave the getaways to remote paradises for the weekends.

For this reason, although we continue to get summer pieces such as the handmade cotton rope bags from a Spanish firm that make us fall in love just by looking at them, we are also focused on the new season and all the trends that fall brings us.

Reviewing this morning among the novelties that have reached the Uterqüe ‘online’ store, we have had a wonderful surprise when we saw a polka dot shirt with a tie tied around the neck. As soon as we saw her, our day has brightened up because we already have the perfect garment to go back to work in style.

Although the details that stand out are the polka dots and the bow tied around the neck, two keys that never fail in a ‘working’ look, the one we like the most is the most subtle. On the sleeves, which are slightly puffed because they close at the cuff, it has white embroidery that will make anyone fall in love.

A shirt dress

Among the great jewels that summer has given us, we have made a special hole in our wardrobe for a polka dot midi dress that looks like it came out of a fashion editorial or the high-waisted bermuda shorts that get great looks. They are helping us to come up with styles that are a dream and everyone constantly asks us where we have bought them.

Now that halftime is approaching, every time we look for garments that help us achieve the same effect, it has to meet two requirements: be absolutely irresistible and that in addition to being able to start wearing it these last days of summer, it can continue to be used when the day arrives. halftime.

In our last look at the ‘low cost’ firms, we have found one of these ‘fashion’ jewels because among the novelties of Uterqüe’s ‘online’ store was this marvel of floral shirt dress. It is perfect to wear to an informal dinner this weekend with sandals without heels and when the cold begins to feel a bit we will replace them with boots and ankle boots.

The best thing about shirt dresses is that you can also wear it with all kinds of pants. With knitted and ribbed ones it will look fantastic in autumn, some ‘palazzo’ type linen in white are perfect for halftime days and right now you can start wearing this floral dress with some ‘beige’ bermuda shorts. If you place it strategically with the matching belt, you can create an incredible ‘oversize’ look

Clothes for curvy women: what to look for in sportswear

One of the big challenges for plus size women was finding the right clothes to go to the gym. There are still many who think about this issue, however today it is easier to find the right clothes.

Sportswear brands have realized that not all women who go to the gym have a fitness body. So now they have clothes for the heaviest. As is the case with Nike, one of the latest brands to launch its line for curvy women. Adidas is another of the houses that has long had plus size garments.

These two have been joined by other international and local houses that facilitate the task of finding the right clothes for the gym.

If you are one of those who takes the first shirt you see and those wide pants to “cover” your figure, you have to read this post. And it is that by wearing inappropriate clothes you could be frustrating your performance, whatever the discipline you practice.

Also, most women are flirtatious by nature and want to look perfect even while exercising. Thanks to the garments for curvy women it is possible to look good and have a good sports performance.

The clothes you are looking for should allow you to give yourself ease of movement and sufficient support. Clothes that fit well will give you more confidence and motivation during your workouts.

What you need is not far from what any smaller woman also wants: quality and durability. The extra condition is that it gives you enough support where you need it most.

Contrary to what many believe, loose clothing will not hide the figure. And some understanding garments are not very suitable either. Know here the details of the clothes you should look for.

What clothes to choose according to your body type?

The body of no woman is the same as that of another and what looks good on one does not favor another. But, there are clues you can follow when looking for clothes for curvy girls. When shopping, the first thing to be clear about is your body type.

According to the figure you have, you will be able to know what looks good on you and what you should discard. In curvy women, three forms stand out:

Pear: wide hips and slim top

Pear-shaped bodies

Look for clothes that draw attention to your upper body. In this way there will be a greater balance between the size of the shoulders and arms with that of the hips.

To achieve this, use t-shirts in light colors, they can be sleeveless. While at the bottom he opts for dark colors that are characterized by hiding the figure.

In pants, avoid wide-boot and leggings. Instead, look for ones that have a straight cut. Also, don’t wear pants with vertical lines on the sides.

Apple-shaped bodies

In this case, the task will be to hide the width of the middle part of your body. Or what is the same, hide the tummy and get to define more figure.

T-shirts that tie at the waist will help you achieve that goal. Don’t completely cover the top. Sleeveless and round neck tops will distract the glances away from the center of the body.

As in the previous case, avoid wide-boot pants. However, capri and sports tights will suit you very well.

Hourglass shaped bodies

Your biggest advantage is that you have a well-defined waist and what you will have to look for is to highlight that area. You can choose between round neck or V neck tops, but discard high collars because they don’t flatter your silhouette.

For the lower part do not hesitate to use shorts or skorts. Do not hide your figure behind very loose clothes, because they will make you look bigger than you really are.