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Cloting trends for this fall 2020

We are only in the middle of August and we already know which dresses, skirts and jackets we will wear from September. Fashion predicts, but you choose.

As is often the case on Monday mornings, fashion also snoozed the alarm. Armani was one of the few that held its show behind closed doors to “safeguard the well-being of employees and attendees” at that Milan Fashion Week that little could we predict would be the last before the world stopped for a few months and even new notification. Fortunately, to ensure the flow of clothes and supply the commercial circuit with some advance, the designers parade their proposals months in advance of the real calendar. Hence, in February, the trends that we will soon see everywhere will be presented in a few months, the first of autumn 2020 and the last that were exhibited in the traditional way. No virtual reality or social distance involved.

Right in the middle of the debate on the future of fashion, the industry has been forced to recalculate its journey. We saw it in the recent 2021 cruise collections in which Chanel could not set course for Capri so she brought the Mediterranean home and clothes, Gucci used her employees as models and Miuccia Prada herself as a muse. Isn’t that what we all do? But before the world changed (BC), the catwalks, like the rest of us, were still oblivious to that new reality that would impose itself, to the new social order, to that new normal, and they offered their great show, revealing the 12 great trends Fall 2020-2021.

Fashion predicted

2020 will be the fall when trends will disappear and we will ONLY wear pants, a T-shirt and a dress. As we said, this industry is mired in the same process of deconstruction in which we all find ourselves thanks to the onslaught of recent social movements. Along with sexism and racism, the global agenda poses as a great challenge to overcome the unsustainability to which we seemed doomed and for this, instead of new and crazy trends, it proposes to resort to certain gestures and elements that modernize the most classic style. In other words, walking into a vintage store to hang out with fashion accessories. Thus, differentiating accessories such as opera gloves (those of Jackie O., Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and the Disney princesses), the harness, the silk scarf and the bags that are more than bags are belts, wristbands and pendants.

From the wardrobe of our grandmothers, we will borrow the evening dresses (with 40’s necklines) and the classics (blouses and loafers) with equestrian references. Of the two thousand, we will recover the bandanas and from last season the vest, bohemian or knitted

In the same way, the social commitment to feminine plurality is maintained, which proposes comfortable, loose silhouettes away from the Kardashian canon and reappropriates symbols, before domination now liberation. Before feminine, now feminists.

Take for example the jacket suit that we once struggled to wear with pants. Well, since right now it is a choice, the BOSSES will wear it with a skirt. On the Prada catwalk they even propose a skirt with fringes like those that will also flood dresses and capes. On the head, no crowns, scarves and hats because girls no longer want to be princesses. The girls will be warriors and their own knight in shining armor with the chainmail dresses proposed by Paco Rabbane or Tom Ford.

The proposals also review the concept of the witch or the black widow, to propose a dark, gothic aesthetic that exudes MAGIC. Explained one by one, these are the 12 most important trends of autumn 2020-2021 that who knows if they will finally be the last.

Prints, fabrics, patterns … Autumn is here and the Zara website gives a good account of it. The new season has invaded the clothes and accessories of our favorite low cost stores. Dresses, blouses, jackets, bags, footwear … Fall / Winter 2020-2021 is loaded with contrasts and details, with very retro airs and a desire to attract attention for its patterns, prints and finishes

If you are in the process of changing your wardrobe and want to incorporate some garments in full trend, do not miss this selection of 20 garments and accessories that are ahead of the fashion that is coming and that we are already beginning to see everywhere in halftime looks. Do you want to go to the last? Take note!


Business Woman

Men’s shirts will be the most desired in autumn and can be worn in a thousand different ways and all valid. They are the star garment of the executive style that will reign in the daily looks in this return to the routine.

White ankle boots

If there is an ankle boot that will stand out from the rest in the coming months and will add a touch of style to any outfit, it is undoubtedly the white one. In Zara there are all styles, but this one so daring, comfortable and with the detail of the chain has made us fall in love.

Satin Linen

The dresses next fall will be worn shirt, leather, vintage … And also lingerie. Wear them with chubby cardigans creating ideal and super feminine contrast looks.

Chain bags

Bags with volume are going to be carried a lot and especially with a thick chain as a handle. Very sophisticated. Do you remember The Chain Pouch by Bottega Veneta? It is also of this style and we have its low cost clones!

Button Down Vests

The suit vest, with its lapel and buttons, can be worn open or closed and with all kinds of garments. This one from Zara also has a brown color that is super trendy.

Metallic silver trousers

The big surprise of the station. If last year the influencers drank the winds for the golden metallic pants, this fall the silver version will triumph.

Red dress

If you want to be the trendiest in your group of friends, you should add a red or fuchsia dress to your wardrobe this fall. This red one with a v-neckline and voluminous sleeves is ideal.

Retro dress

Printed dresses with a very classic cut will make the difference. This brown one with honeycomb details is the most to wear with tall boots.

Leatherette midi skirt

Here we see two leading autumn trends in the same garment: the brown imitation leather fabric (which wins the game over black) and the long midi skirt, queen of the most stylish looks both with heels and sneakers


The casual style is going to literally blow you away, with oversized checkered overshirts it is very easy to achieve it with style.


The off-road shoe that made a strong comeback a few months ago will continue to be very present. The classic loafers always return, and it is a shoe that solves a look with style. Zara has updated them with a more striking track sole.

Black and white

Looks in white and looks in black will be worn but the trend is to wear both colors combined. A classic pairing that we see in all kinds of garments and that we can wear from day to night. This dress with a garter neck is perfect for any plan.

Mini handbags

The most stylish bags are the smallest in size and especially those with a handle. This black can become the must of all your autumn, without a doubt, because it goes with everything. Would you like to see more mini bags like the ones that influencers carry?